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Customers that cancel cash on delivery after our drivers have already collected their package will be asked to use TTPOST for their next order, if you decide to purchase again.

Once you cancel 2 orders in a row you will be blacklisted.

Orders are generally sent out the next day, if you need to cancel your order, please do so in a timely manner.


Awesome Accessories do not hold items without a down payment being made. Customers have a total of 3 days after indicating that they would like to have an item to make their payment.

Once the allotted time frame has passed, the item(s) can and will be sold to the next paying customer.


No refunds are allowed, unless the incident was the fault of Awesome Accessories. All incidents will be analyzed and an appropriate decision will be made. 

Refunds are not allowed if customers change their mind after a payment was made and we proceeded to order your item(s).


A 50% down payment is needed to place your order. You will have 3 days to make your payment, if no payment is made within the allotted time frame, your order is cancelled. Awesome Accessories is not responsible if you did not communicate correctly what your order is, or you provided us with any misspelling of names.

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